Domination is the game for everyone

Laser Game is very popular game worldwide. It is interesting kind of fun, which comes with many variations. You can choose between standard Deathmatch or you can try more difficult types. One of many interesting types of Lasergame is Domination, which combine several parameters of great game:


  • Tactics = if you are not better than your enemy, you cannot win this game
  • Strategy = the first thing of success is to have good strategy to defeat your enemy
  • Cooperation = you have to communicate with your team, but in way that will not be notices by your enemy

How many players will be in the domination game?

If you are kind of demanding player, make sure your team will have four players at least. In other way you have to be reconciled with not very feeling from the game. The next thing is the experience of your teammates. Domination is type of Lasergame, which has greater demands on players. What does it mean? Well, you can not play with typical strategy, which is like kill everything moving. No, here are other rules. For example, number of bases, you have to capture. There are three bases, which you can captured and then defend. If you will be cleverer than your enemy, and you will have good strategy, you can win. Otherwise you will not have the chance to dominate this game.

labyrint (54)

What you can expect from this game?

First thing is the shield. In this game you can get three shots until you will respawn. But remember, this is only applying for the Phaser, not for Blaster, which you can kill you by only two shots. Respawn is possible only before you reach the blue gate. For the weapons you will have mentioned Blaster and Phaser, but ammunition is totally unlimited, which is good sign to have a good game. And what about arena? You can look forward to Labyrinth, which is classic type of Lasergame arena.